Create a Transaction, Complete Tasks and Get Paid

Step 1: Log into our back office system. If you have no idea how to do this send a text to the office at 844-553-5557 and ask them re-send an invitation to your email.

Step 2: Once logged in a create a transaction. This should be done the day you receive an executed sales contract or a listing agreement but doing this late is better than never at all.

Click to Watch - Create a Transaction

You will need to complete the TASKS which include adding information under the DETAILS tab, the CONTACTS tab and uploading required documents under DOCUMENTS tab. Documents will need to be labeled. All tasks need to be checked off as completed.

In addition, you will need to make certain you enter commission information correctly. A 3 percent commission for example should be entered as 3.00 and not .03.

Add contact information:

Click to Watch - Add Contact Info

Label documents and assign them to a task.

Click to Watch - Label Documents


Please request a Paid at Closing under the REQUEST tab at least several days before closing. Once approved which is typically the next day a CDA letter is automatically sent to the Closing Agent.


In South Carolina you need to email wiring instructions to the closing agent (buyer’s attorney) several days before closing which can be found in the form library which is located inside of Working Documents.

Then on the day of closing you Request a Commission under the REQUEST tab on the day of closing. Typically, we receive the funds the next day and we can direct deposit back to you. (There are some exceptions)

Also please note if on the rare occassion a closing attorney will not wire funds or you feel they are charging an unreasonable fee for doing so you can always deposit into a SunTrust Bank with the account number on wirning instructions.

A 3rd option to ask the  closing to mail us a check. I would suggest something with tracking as these days you never know what to expect for sure with the mail. 

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If you get stuck and can't figure something out, try videos at this link.


If you still cannot figure out something, please call RBO: 1-866-546-6935